How I Started Knitting…

For as long as I can remember my mom always had yarn & needles in her hand.  We lived in a small town south of Boston.  So she made us all sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves, and anything else you can think of.  I never had much interest.  Even as a adult, it never interested me.  But then one day I read a book by Debbie Macomber, “The Shop on Blossom Street”,  and I was totally hooked.  I can’t remember which book in that series was about knitting socks but I wanted to knit socks and knit them now!  I called my mom and told her I wanted her to teach me how to knit socks.  She was so happy to teach me how to knit!  She came over the following weekend with her favorite yarn (Homespun by Lion Brand) and a set of needles for me.  She said she bought me the wooden ones because they were the best to learn on.  And we started.

To my disappointment we didn’t start out knitting socks, but learning to make a scarf.  We were doing a ribbed scarf.  Knit 2, purl 2.  And we did have to switch to a different yarn because the homespun was too thick for me & I kept splitting the yarn.  Even though my mom said I picked it up very quickly, to me it felt like the needles were helicopter blades!  They were all over the place.  Looking back at it now, it was the funniest thing ever!  Clicking and clacking helicopter blades!

Every night when I got home from work, I sat on the couch and picked up my helicopter blades to work on my scarf.  Slowly but surely the blades felt more comfortable in my hands & I no longer referred to them as helicopter blades.  And this began my love for knitting.  Once we finished the scarf we started a hat to match.

scarf and hat

We finally got to learning how to knit socks & once again the helicopter blades came out….but this time there were 4 of them!  Holy cow!  How can you knit with 4 needles and with teeny tiny needles at that?  Confusing at first but lots of fun afterwards!  I still think knitting socks is my favorite thing to knit!   I haven’t done the toe up patterns nor have I done the 2 at a time patterns, though I will eventually get there.

And this began a new hobby & something called…..  a Yarn Stash…  I will probably blog about my yarn stash at a later time….  I love my yarn stash!!!

Thank you so much mom for teaching me how to knit & showing me how to fall in love with knitting!!!

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