My Scale is Evil!!

I’m not a health nut or a fitness guru, I’m just in my mid forties & struggling. Do I love the scale or do I hate the scale? Well I think today the scale is evil! I’m trying to lose 10lbs and it is just such a struggle. Years ago I would be able to lose weight without even thinking about it. But it is no longer so easy.

I am normally an active person, and I do go to the gym. When I am focused (like I am right now) I go at least 4 times a week. I do 2 spin classes a week, one spin bootcamp class, and I just added a circuit class. I also do yoga at least once a week. But my biggest struggle is my diet!

A couple of weeks ago, I got so frustrated because my evil scale was not moving at all. I spoke to my spin instructor after class and expressed my frustration. We went over what type of exercises I did and what I ate; we also discussed the evil word “hormones”. She told me to try adding more strength training into my workouts and that I should add more protein to my diet. She also told me about an app she uses called “Lose It”.

I downloaded the app. I entered my information, and to achieve my goal weight and lose 1 lb per week it told me how many calories I had to eat each week. You can search for foods to add to your list, there is a good assortment of restaurants, and a good list of exercises.

I also went out and bought protein powder to drink after my workouts. The one I bought is the best tasting one I have found and there is 0 sugar!! It’s called Isopure and it comes in several flavors.

As for my workouts, I started going to the spin bootcamp class and added the circuit class. I told myself I was not going to weigh myself everyday. I would wait and do it once a week. So, week 1 ended last Thursday; I had lost 2lbs!! Woop woop!!

Week 2 will end on the 4th of July, but I can tell you that it has been a little harder staying focused with my diet!! I have been good and have not cheated, but my cravings are much stronger than they were last week.

I did decide to take a sneak peak at the scale this morning, which now I regret, because there was no change from Thursday. I felt a little discouraged. I think I’m going to move the scale to another room so that it no longer tempts me!! That evil, evil scale!!

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