Meet My Little Klondike

In our house we have 2 babies. This is our first baby. Little Klondike. We adopted him in 2004 from Petsmart. We were actually looking at another little kitty but Klondike came over and stole our hearts. He is the sweetest baby ever! He’s very social and always wants to be with us. When he looks at us, you can just see the love in his eyes.


When he was 2 we almost lost him. I was getting ready to leave for work but I hadn’t seen him & he always comes to hang out while I’m getting ready. I called him and started looking in all of his favorite hiding spots. I found him in the closet, but he wasn’t moving. It looked like he was sleeping, but he wasn’t responding to me. I got so scared and worried that I think I yelled his name and he woke up. He looked really groggy and tried walking down stairs. I remembered that the night before he was constantly walking into his litter box. I also noticed him going into the bathtub a few times which I thought was strange.

He was really lethargic so I called my hubby and he said take him to the vet. As soon as I told the vet what was going on, they took him into the back. Apparently he had kidney stones and had a blockage. They said this is prominent in male cats–but older cats, not this young. The vet also told me that if I would not have brought him in, he would have lasted maybe another couple of hours. 😦

He had to stay at the vet for a few days, and we visited him each day. When he came home, we had to give him 2 different types of medicines. One of them was in pill form. Let me tell you, that was one of the most difficult things ever!! But he’s such a great baby and was such a trooper!

He still has his “episodes” every once in a while. He’s on a special diet and takes antibiotics when he needs to, and once in a while I will give him a syringe full of water just to make sure he stays hydrated.

close up

close up

He is such a loving and sweet kitty! My little Kiki. Love him to pieces!!

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