Denali, The Great One

Our little Chihuahua is the apple of our eye! We named her Denali, yes after Mt. McKinley in Alaska. Denali means The Great One to the Alaskan natives and we felt it was fitting! She may be little but she has a big personality!

We brought Denali home on a whim. We were not planning on getting another baby but I think she picked us (or mostly my husband) and we just couldn’t resist. My daughter worked in a pet store that specializes in small dogs. We had stopped in to bring her her car keys & as I always do I walked around to look at all the little babies! My husband on the other hand always stays in the center of the store away from where the babies are kept so he is not tempted.

On this day, this little white & black chihuahua just caught my eye. OMG she was so tiny! She was so loving & happy! I asked my husband to hold her for a minute (hehe) he at first said no so I told him please I need to get something from my purse. He held her and this little baby turned to him & began licking his face, mind you my husband is 6’3″ and over 250 lbs, but he was a goner. He turned to me and said, do you want to get her. I was amazed! Of course I will never turn down a cute little puppy so I said ok. My daughter looked at us like we were crazy! But yup, there we were with this little baby that didn’t even weigh 1lb. We bought her a little playpen, a little house, a few little sweaters, toys, food, a little heating pad. The works!


When we brought her home, we weren’t sure how our other babies would react. She was so tiny! We had a miniature poodle named Grizzly (he was about 12 years old), our daughter’s chihuahua named Maya (she was about a year and a half), and our cat Klondike (you can read about him here: Meet My Little Klondike). Grizzly and Klondike were curious and Maya instantly became her protector! It was so cute!

From the day we brought her home, her personality was evident. She was not a baby to mess with! she knew how to stand her ground. To watch all the babies playing together was so funny, they all run and bark and wrestle. And our little Denali was right there with them all!

Yes, I was one of those parents that was dying to put cute little sweaters & dresses on my baby. She quickly let me know, however, that she was not into all that! She would somehow take off whatever little t-shirts or dresses I would put on her.

Today our household includes Klondike and Denali. (A little more peaceful) Denali now rules the home, she is really “The Great One!”

New Years Eve 2010 001

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