“Duck” Tape Boxes

One day when I had nothing special to do I decided to go to my local Michaels store and just look around and get some inspiration. This can of course be very dangerous!! I saw a bin full of duck tape with all different patterns and colors. They just caught my eye and were telling me “hello, come look at us”. So I did and I picked up 3 different patterns.

I went home and looked around in my craft closet for something and came across some boxes that I have on a shelf holding different things. So I decided that I would cover the boxes with tape. I had seen something similar on Pinterest.




Duck Tape Boxes



The tape was kinda easy to work with. The hardest part was lining up the patterns (the zebra print one was the easiest because there was no pattern to line up).

Now my cardboard boxes actually look really cute and it was a simple and quick project!

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