Why I Love My Spin Class….

About 2 ½ years ago I tried my first spinning class.  I hated it!  OMG it was so hard!  When the instructor said up, I could only do it for a very short time.  I looked around and everyone else was up & spinning.  The person next to me tried to give me tips but there was no way, I had to sit back down on the saddle.  I kept trying throughout the class but I just couldn’t handle it.  I did most of the class on the saddle but I kept peddling.  When the instructor said to increase the resistance, I did but after my few seconds of standing I would return back to the saddle.

After class the instructor came over to give me words of encouragement.  She said I did great.  I kept on peddling and didn’t just give up.  And that it takes a good 2 months to build up the endurance & the strength to do the whole class.  That made me feel a lot better! 

The next day I could not believe how sore I was.  #1, it hurt to sit!  OMG!  That bike seat was hard but I was not expecting to be so sore from sitting!  #2, my legs have never ever been so sore!  Wow!  I was amazed!  So 2 days later there I was at 7am ready to do the next class.  I wish I could say it was easier but it wasn’t.  I was still very sore but the peddling actually helped my soreness…..for a little while!

I didn’t give up, and little by little I saw improvements.  I was finally able to do the hills & the standing climbs with the rest of the class.  Maybe not peddling as fast but I was able to do it!  What an awesome feeling & such a proud moment for me!  And this began my obsession with spinning!

Today I still attend my spin classes, and it is still one of my favorite classes!  It is one of the few classes that I really don’t mind getting up early to attend!  I may skip my circuit class or skip my elliptical day, but I have to be really sick to skip my spin class!  I never thought I would find an exercise class that I felt that way about!  Haha!  Look at me, obsessed about working out!  Who would have thought!

Here are some of the reasons I love my spin classes:

Bye bye calories! 

I always wear a heart monitor in class so I know how many calories I can burn and in a 50 minute class I can burn 500 or more calories!    Love it!!!

 Low impact

I am not a big fan of high impact exercises.  Several years ago I fractured a vertebrae in my back and had to have surgery.  I have metal rods in my back & I’ve always been very nervous about straining or re-injuring my back.  I know this is mostly in my mind, but still…. I never want to go through that again!  And plus I’ve tried running and I just can’t get into it.  It hurts my joints, my hips, my knees, not to mention that I’ve sprained my ankle running.  So I love spin class because of this fact.

 Awesome Cardio workout!

If you want a great cardio workout, Spin class is it!  It will get your heart going & it will keep it going!

Improve strength and endurance.

I have seen great improvements to my endurance in other forms of exercise since I’ve started spinning and my legs have definitely gotten stronger!

Intense interval training.

I have read quite a few things about interval training and how good it is to incorporate into your workouts.  Spinning definitely does that.  You go from climbing a hill to sprinting.  It is all there in one workout!

Great leg workout!

Spinning works out your quads, glutes, and calf muscles and as a bonus you are also working out your hamstrings and your core.  So if you are consistent in spinning you will definitely see the results in your legs!

Cycling high.

I’ve heard of a runners high, though I have never experienced this.  But I have experienced a cycling high!  Your brain releases these endorphins and you just feel so great afterwards!  I feel so energized after a good spin class!

 Before I know it the work out is over!  

There is so much going on in this workout that I never get bored.  There is great music that you can get lost in, and you are never doing the same things.  There are jumps, hills, sprints, and all can be done in different positions and different variations.

If you have never tried spinning I think you should definitely try it!  I am totally obsessed with spinning!

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