Girls day at the beach

For a few weeks now we had all planned a Friday off to spend at the beach. The girls (my sister and my daughter) were both going to drop the babies off at day care and then we would all head over to Ft. Lauderdale Beach for the day.

Monday morning we woke up with the threat of tropical storm Chantal. Wednesday morning the “cone” showed the storm heading straight for us! There went our beach day!

But no, Thursday the storm had fallen apart, though the remnants of it would still be affecting south Florida. What a bummer!!

So what now. Well we decided that we were still going to head to the beach. The hourly forecast showed a 30% chance of rain until about 1.
At 10 am we loaded the car & headed out, dark clouds all around us, but we kept going. When we arrived at the beach it was clear and beautiful. However, to the west of us was very very dark. We set out our chairs, sat down, and about a half hour later we heard the rumblings of thunder. Hmmmmm….. I pull out my phone and checked the radar. It showed a big red blob headed straight for us. A few minutes later the wind picked up. We saw the grayness of rain off in the distance. We decided to pick up, throw everything in the car and walk over to a nearby restaurant to have an early lunch and wait out the storm.

We had a great lunch! Laughing and telling stories. An hour later the storm was gone, and we were back at the beach soaking in the sun!

I’m glad we kept our original plans. It was a great girls day at the beach!!


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