Update on the Comfy Socks

I have been really enjoying knitting socks again!  And I really love the yarn that I bought last week!  It is so soft and because it is a worsted weight it knits up very quickly.   I am doing a plain ribbed sock using a very basic pattern by Ann Norling and the first sock is almost done!!  Yay!  I should finish it up today & then start on the second sock.

I have been listening/watching a couple of podcasts & on one of the last ones that I watched they had finished a pair of socks and had them on this little sock shaped thingie.  So I instantly went on line to see what this was.  Sock blockers!  I need those!  LOL  🙂  Apparently I should block my finished socks after I wash them the first time.  This helps even out the stitches and just makes them look all even and pretty!  So I will be calling my newly found yarn store this afternoon to see if they have them, if not I will be ordering them from Knit Picks.  They come in 3 sizes so I’m thinking of just getting all 3 since I hope to be knitting lots of socks this year!

Here is the picture of my comfy socks so far!

Comfy Socks

Also this week I added my beloved yarn stash to my Ravelry notebook!  That took me about 2 hours!  I didn’t realize that I had so much yarn!  But I love that now I can just go to my Ravelry page and pick a yarn and see different patters that the particular yarn has been used in.

I should not be wanting to buy more yarn since I already have so much, but I’m dying to go back to my new found yarn store & get something!!!  I have a very busy weekend coming up so I should be safe this weekend from adding to my stash.  I have the first of 3 weddings within 7 months to go to.  The second wedding is in December and it is my daughter’s wedding!!  So excited for that!  🙂

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