Good News and Not So Good News — Comfy Socks…

My comfy socks are finished!!!  I just need to block them now.  I’ve never blocked socks before so I hope I do it right!  Good news is they came out great!  I loved the yarn & the pattern was quick and simple!  The not so good news is they don’t really fit my hubby.  hmmmm, he has a large wide foot and even though I measured the length, the width of the sock is too tight for him.  So….  Guess someone else will get a nice pair of comfy socks!  And I will be going back to the yarn store to get more yarn to make a new pair for him.  First, I have to find a pattern that is a little wider.  Guess I’ll head over to Ravelry to search, or if anyone has one or can let me know of one I would greatly appreciate it!   I was also thinking since the pattern I used has instructions for 4 different types of yarn from fingering to worsted that maybe I could use the instructions for the sport or DK weight and use the worsted yarn…..  I don’t know if that makes sense but I’m thinking it would be a wider sock. since there are a few more stitches.  But here they are pre-blocked.

Comfy socks

Comfy socks

I also received my sock blockers from Knit Picks today!  Just in time too!  Yay!  I love getting packages in the mail!  And I snuck in an order of “spooky” yarn socks to make for a certain someone (my daughter).   I have to say these sock blockers look huge!  I bought all 3 sizes and even the small looks huge to me!  I’m actually a little scared to use them!

Sock blockers and KiKi

Sock blockers and KiKi

I also started working on some dishcloths!  Yes, I have taken this work on more than one project thing & ran with it!   I have been wanting to make them for some time now & last week I decided to start going through some of my mom’s pattern books and came across one that was just for dishcloths called Love to Knit Dishcloths by Evelyn A. Clark.  The patterns were super simple so I went to my stash and picked out a red and white skein and started.  I am really enjoying knitting them.  They are quick and easy.  Something to work on that doesn’t take much paying attention 🙂


Oh and as I was going through some of my mom’s patters I found a pattern book from 1956!!!  So cool!

Bernat Handicrafter Volume 51

Bernat Handicrafter Volume 51

Quick side note on the wedding this past weekend:  The wedding was beautiful!  My daughter’s best friend looked gorgeous.  I got very emotional watching her walk down the aisle!  Seems like just yesterday I was watching them run around the house and now they are all getting married and have grown up jobs!  Time just goes by so quickly!  I’m looking forward to my daughter’s wedding in December!  We are in full wedding mode with the planning!  All the big things are done and now it is just the little things to work on.  But those seem to be the most fun so far!

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  1. Great looking socks, sad they didn’t fit. I get more stretch in my socks by continuing the rib all the way down the top of the foot, just leaving the sole area plain. This adds quite a bit more stretch to the knit. Also works really well for little feet, holds the socks up to a high arch too.

    If your sock blockers are too big for some smaller socks, just use the ones you have and cut out a piece of plastic. I use mine to display socks too, for pictures or for sale. Makes them look more like a foot!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. Socks are my favorite thing to knit, but every time I block them it feels like the first time – I’m always scared! The way I do it is let the socks soak in water, then lay them flat on a towel and roll up the towel to get the water out (don’t wring the socks!). I put them on the blockers, lay them flat, and shape them on the blockers. Takes a few days for them to dry but they always look better than before. Thanks for looking at my blog, too! ~Anna

    • Your method sounds like how I did mine. I wasnt sure how to do it so I googled it. Im happy to know I did it right. It was a little nerve wracking, not sure why. Lol.
      They have been drying since Wednesday evening so I hope they will be dry tonight when I check them. I’m anxious to see how they come out!
      Thank you for commenting! I appreciate the tip.

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