A Quick Trip to the Local Yarn Store…. Always So Much Fun!!

Monday after I finally got all the laundry done from our vacation I decided to run out to my local yarn store and just browse…who am I kidding!  I actually wanted to get some yarn to make a second attempt at my hubby’s socks.  While I was there I spoke to someone and told her what had happened with my first attempt at my hubby’s socks (you can read about it here) and I asked if I could use the same yarn & needle and just use the directions for the socks using the fingering yarn.  She agreed that would be a good idea so off I went to browse the yarn.  I really could spend hours there!  I decided I liked the yarn I choose last time so I picked a different color, Royal Alpaca in Spice.


The color looks really orange here but it’s actually a very nice rust color.  I love it!

I then asked about something to put into the water when I soak my finished items before I block them.  ( I have never done this before  but I read a blog and they used a very mild detergent in the water to block their socks.)  The person in the store told me she uses a little of Dawn when she soaks her items.  She has never bought anything specially made for that, but they do have some in the shop.  There was someone else in the store also who said they never bought anything special for their soaking either.  But I had read about it in a blog and I wanted to try it so I bought a small bottle, and it’s lavender scented so I figured why not.


I’ve never blocked anything before (except my comfy socks)….no, wait, I made a simple cabled scarf once that kept curling on me & my mom said to steam block it.  I did and it worked.  I actually just remembered that!

I’m still learning about blocking & so far since I’ve only knitted socks that’s all I’ve blocked.  I’m sure once I decide to knit a sweater or something bigger I’ll have to do more research on how to block those.  I’m guessing there are different ways to block the different items you knit.  Anyways….. I kinda went off on another topic.  🙂

I’m always very excited when I leave the yarn store!  I looked up the classes they are offering and I’m going to try to make it to one on how to fix mistakes since this is a huge weakness for me!  And I’m excited to start on my hubby’s comfy socks part 2.  🙂

Do you use anything special in the water when you soak your FOs?

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  1. I use baby shampoo to soak my knits, and if they’re made from a particularly coarse wool, I add hair conditioner. (Basic hair conditioner, nothing fancy)

    These two things leave my knits smelling lovely, AND they’re cheap!

    • That’s good to know! Thank you! One of the other people on the shop mentioned that they use baby shampoo also. I would never have thought about the conditioner. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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