Saturday Morning Bike Ride…

It has been a while since we have gone out for a nice ride.  Summers here are just way to hot & humid!  But since we are approaching the “end” of summer (not really down here though)  we decided to pick up again on our Saturday morning bike rides.  We have a great park not too far away and that’s where we go.  I don’t like riding on the street, the drivers here are just a little too crazy for me!  We hear way to many stories about cyclists getting hit by cars.  So we go to our park & do our riding there.  They also have awesome mountain bike trails, from beginners to expert.  I started out mountain biking but I had a few bad falls & since about 15 years ago I fractured a vertebrae  in my back and now have metal rods & screws there I decided I would just do my riding for miles.  I don’t want to risk getting hurt again!  That back surgery took me over a year to recover.  So when I go with my husband riding we ride around the park.  The park is pretty large, one loop is about 4 miles.  It is next to the Everglades and there is also a levee that you can ride.  We’ve done that a few times as well.  It goes on for miles & miles.  When we do the levee we usually do about 10 miles each way (depending on how windy it is).  And it is so beautiful!  I thought I had a better picture of one of our Levee rides but this is what I could find right now.

Levy 4                                        Levy

So today was a great ride!  The weather was good, not too much wind and it was just great being outside.  We did a little over 20 miles.

So without further ado, I would like you to meet Thelma.  She is my bike!  She is still a work in progress but I’m really happy with how she is coming along & she is a great bike!  I just added the pink chain a few weeks ago!  So far my favorite part are the grips!  I love the pink & green with the butterflies!  It is so me!  I’m still searching for the perfect seat!


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  1. I’ve mentioned to the SO that we should ride bikes for cardio. He seemed okay with the idea and hopefully we’ll be out doing the same! I understand the heat and humidity, I think we both live in the same area (everglades being my hint).

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