Boot Cuffs

I finished a pair of boot cuffs for myself….getting ready for the cold Florida winters.  LOL  I know…..  But on those few days when the temps get down below 75 I like to wear my boots & I love the way the boot cuffs look so I decided to make some.  I used a pattern I found on Ravelry called Rebekahs Boot Cuffs.   I loved the pattern.  It was so simple and it looks so cool.  I think I may actually make a pair of socks using this pattern.  I used the left over yarn I had from the comfy socks, just because I love it!  And I used size 7 DPN.  I cast on 54 stitches and I added the ribbed cuff at the top & the bottom.  I wanted to do K2P2 but the number of stitches didn’t work out so I did K1P1.  I did an inch of ribbing at the top and a little more at the bottom just because I could flip them around and have more ribbing showing or less.

Boot Cuffs

Boot Cuffs

It was a super quick project…even for me!  I really enjoyed it & will possibly make another pair.  🙂

IMG_3546 IMG_3549

This week I also joined a group on Ravelry.  I actually saw the blog while I was looking through the reader under knitting topics.  The blog is called Agrarian Artisan and the Ravelry group is called Agrarian Artisan Designs.  It is her 1 year anniversary of her Ravelry forum and she is doing a KAL for a “sharf” pattern she created.  I loved it and decided to join my first KAL.  I’m not sure I have the right yarn in my stash.  Actually I probably do but I’m still not very good at figuring that stuff out.  I think I figured out what the gauge should be & I will search my stash for something to use.  Though I really just want to go to my LYS and buy something new & fun!  But I really shouldn’t because I have soooo much yarn at home, especially since I inherited my mom’s stash.  I’m very excited to knit it.  And I think it will become a Christmas gift.  I hope I can keep up and finish it on time but if not at least I will have fun knitting it 🙂

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