Starting on My First KAL…

This weekend as I was out running errands with the hubby, we were close to the LYS so I suggested we stop in for a minute….  He said ok, sat on the comfy sofa while I took out the pattern to my very first KAL and looked for some yarn.   I decided on a yarn called VIP Lana Gatto Tollegno.  It’s in a nice brown color, wool/cashmere blend.  It is very soft.  I’m an earth tone person so I instantly fell in love with the color.


Conveniently enough there is a bike store next to the yarn store so of course we stopped in.  I bought a new helmet that matches my bike’s color scheme and we browsed the different bikes & things they had.  This little shopping center may become our favorite hang out!

When we got home I was very excited to start my KAL!  Thankfully the pattern came with both written instructions and a chart.  I have never used a chart before & I really want to learn but now is not the time.  I don’t want to fall behind on my first KAL.  I didn’t really understand the yarn’s tag so I googled yarn weights and needle sizes.,  For DK weight it said to use size 5 to 7 needles.  The pattern itself is in metrics but I figured out that I needed 5 stitches per inch.   I did my swatch 3 times before I decided on using the size 7 needles.  Whew!  That was a mission.  I never really mastered this part of the yarn & pattern in knitting.  I always had my mom who would tell me use this yarn & this needle & then I went to work.  LOL.  The whole figuring out which yarn to use & needle sizes was very overwhelming to me.  But I have to learn now.  It’s funny because in some aspects of knitting I feel like a complete beginner, yet I have done socks, cables, lace, etc.  I guess I would be considered an advanced beginner…  not sure.

Anyways,  once I figured out my swatch i went to work.  I love the pattern.  I’m having so much fun knitting it.  I definitely have to pay attention while knitting it as each row is completely different.  But it is a lot of fun.  I’m already thinking about making another scarf once this one is done.  Though I am no where near done!

Here is my progress so far:

IMG_0164 IMG_3580 IMG_3585 IMG_3586

Isn’t it beautiful!  I love it and can’t wait to see it fi

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    • Thank you for following me!
      I had never heard of a KAL until I started my blog & was reading about them. So I finally decided to try one. So far I’m having fun! I love the pattern! I just hope I can finish on time!

  1. Looking good! I’ll admit I’m terrible with gauge. I never swatch, because my swatches lie. I’ve taken to noting my gauge for every finished project in my Ravelry project pages. That way I have a record of my gauge for all kinds of yarns and needle sizes. It’s definitely not a fool proof system, but it’s the best my lazy self can do!

    • Lol. This was really my first time doing a “real” swatch. I couldn’t understand the yarn label so I was totally lost on what needle size to use.
      I’m going to have to do more research on this so I feel better about it.
      I like your idea. I may do something similar. Maybe a spreadsheet. Lol.

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