A Little of This and a Little of That

These past few days have been a bit crazy!  My sister had surgery and I was helping her & watching my 4 year old nephew.  I completely forgot how much energy a 4 year old has!  LOL  Wow!  From the time he woke up to the time he fell asleep he was non-stop!  And talking my ear off!  But I loved every minute of it!

Knitting was done in bits & pieces, which translates into not a whole lot done!  But I was able to finish my 5th dishcloth.  I really liked the pattern, Smocked Dishcloth.  I used size 6 needles & the yarn was Sugar N’ Cream.  It was a fun & quick project.

IMG_3812 IMG_3810 IMG_3809 IMG_3808

I was able to work the leg of the Comfy Socks II and will hopefully start on the heel later this week.  I’m hoping these fit the hubby because if not…..  I just don’t know if he will be getting socks.  LOL

I’m using the same pattern that I used for Comfy socks, Adult Socks by Deirdre Wallace.  What I did was cast on the number of stitches for the fingering yarn and I’m using worsted weight.  I had spoken to someone at my LYS and they said this should definitely work.  So fingers crossed!


I also started on the Dapperly Dashing Scarf  to go with the hat that I made.  I am really enjoying this pattern and love the way it is coming out!

IMG_3811 IMG_3813

And last but not least, last night I cast on another dishcloth, the Lacey Diamonds Dishcloth.   I really haven’t gotten into the pattern but I’m hoping it will be done this weekend.


Here is my little guy who kept me busy all weekend long.  🙂  Such a cutie!


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  1. Dishcloths for everyone! Worsted weight yarn should work for the socks. Just be mindful that the row gauge will be bigger, so you might have to do less rounds for the toe and such. I’ve never knit worsted weight socks, but I can imagine they’re as close to instant gratification as you can get with adult socks!

    • LOL Dishcoths!! I’ve seen quite a few blogs where people are knitting dishcloths for gifts! It’s the year of the dishcloth! LOL 🙂
      Thanks for the tip on the on the toe! I hadn’t thought of that! I wonder if that would be the same for the heel…hmmmm…..
      The first pair of “comfy socks” I did were also worsted weight & they knitted up super fast for me & I’m a slow knitter so I can only imagine if someone is a fast knitter how quickly they could make a pair. I think in worsted they will be more like slipper socks.

      • The heel might need adjustments, but I’m not sure. You can probably get away with it. Some patterns say knit so many rows, and some say knit so many inches. If you have a “row” pattern, that’s where you have to be careful. Fingering weight yarn socks require more rows.

  2. Love the dishcloth! I am also doing dishcloths for gifts.
    I too am doing a worsted weight in place of DK for toddler socks. I needed them to be a bit bigger and thicker since the recipient lives in Alaska.
    Hope you get it knit up quickly and they fit!

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