A Lot of Firsts….

I’ve been kinda busy this week (knitting & wedding busy).  And I’ve worked on a couple projects that had some firsts for me.

I decided I was going to try knitting a mug cozy.  They just look so cute & I really wanted to try making one.  So I searched for a few patterns on Ravelry and decided on the Diagonal Mock Cable Mug Cozy by Debbie Andriulli.  I thought the stitch was kinda cool.  As I was knitting it I would look at it and think, this really doesn’t look like cables, maybe I’m not doing it right.  But I kept at it.  And when it was done it really did look like little cables.  And here is the first “first”:  I was knitting with 2 strands of yarn!!  LOL  I’ve never done that before.   It was kinda strange and a little cumbersome working with 2 skeins.  I couldn’t imagine knitting with 2 strands for something big.  They kept getting tangled & twisted.  

When I was done knitting I searched for a button, attached it & Ta-Da…. A mug cozy!!  I (a slow knitter) did this in a couple of hours!  But when I tried it on my mug, it was a little big.  I know the pattern said to knit with 2 strands but I think if it was done with 1 strand it would have fit much better.  But, I have decided that I am going to try to invent my own little mug cozy.  I have an idea in my head but I’m not exactly sure of how to do it.  LOL  So I may work on that this week & maybe next week I will have a creation of my own!  LOL

My first mug cozy….

My first mug cozy….

IMG_4059 IMG_4060

I finished a couple more dishcloths.  This time the pattern was the Double Bump Dishcloth by Missy Angus.  I really liked this pattern.  It was easy & quick.  I think of all the dishcloth patterns I’ve done this is one of my favorites!

IMG_4074 IMG_4072


I also started working on another sock.  Have I mentioned before how much I love knitting socks.  LOL  I wanted to make a short ankle sock this time & decided on the this pattern.   I thought the top of the sock looked like a turtle’s shell so I have named this sock the Turtle sock.  🙂

The pattern is super vague.  I read it over before starting and I didn’t really understand all the marker placing.  But I decided to start it & I would figure it out when I got to that part.  Well…I got to that part & still didn’t understand it so I just did my own little thing.  I took notes so when I work on the second sock I don’t get lost.  I don’t think I would be able to follow this pattern if I hadn’t made socks before.  It’s really confusing.  As I was working it & writing my notes I almost felt like I was writing my own pattern.  LOL  Here is my Ravelry project page for these socks & my notes so far.   I’m almost ready to start decreasing for the toe & I really am lost with the pattern.  It’s wanting to add more markers & I just don’t understand it.  Also seems like once you are done decreasing the toe you just pull the yarn through the remaining stitches.  I’ve never done it like that.  I always use the Kitchner stitch to finish up my socks.  Has anyone finished the toes like the pattern says?  I’m curious how it comes out.  I just can’t picture it in my head.  I’m going to read through the decreases again & if I don’t understand it I may just do it the way I know & go from there.  Anyways, here is my sock in progress.  I love it!!

IMG_4078 IMG_4076 IMG_4075

So here is my second “first” I think I have used my first chart for knitting!!!  LOL  Does this count as a chart?


Earlier this week Jann from KnitKnot Adventures asked if she could reference my post about how I just don’t get gauges….  She wrote about how she does her swatches & checks her gauge.  I appreciate Jann reaching out to me & writing her post!  I’m going to try my next swatch the way she does it.  One of these days I will be an expert on swatches!  LOL

On the wedding front, we are about a month away from the big day!  My daughter had her bridal shower this past weekend!  It was a lot of fun!  Her Maid of Honor did a great job with the games.  Everyone really enjoyed themselves.

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