A couple more gifts are done….

The wedding is in 9 days!!!  I have family coming from Chicago & decided I would make them something to take back with them.  So I made my cousin a headband & her baby daughter a hat.

IMG_4193First the hat,  the pattern I used is Cabled Toddler Hat by Lisa Giaco.  I used Caron Simply Soft in Plum Wine.  I love this pattern!  It was quick & easy!  And I love the curly-Qs on top!  The cable stitch was easy.  I’m not a huge fan of cables.  Not sure what it is about them, but I just don’t love knitting cables.  Though I love love love the way cables look when they are done.

IMG_4159 IMG_4160

IMG_4181 IMG_4161

I hope it fits her!  The pattern said to do 5 inches but once I was done I was thinking maybe I should have done another round of the cable repeat.  She’s 1 1/2 years old & she is the flower girl at the wedding!  I can’t wait to see her!  Hopefully I will have pictures of her wearing the hat for an upcoming post.

Next up, I wanted to make my cousin something as well, something that kind of matches but I wanted something different.  I decided on a headband.  I choose Julia’s Cabled Headband by Paulina Chin.  I loved this pattern!  It was easy, quick & the cables just came out beautiful!!!

IMG_4191 IMG_4192

I love the way this came out!  It’s nice and warm…at least in my house!  LOL  I hope it will be warm in Chicago!!

IMG_4186 IMG_4187 IMG_4195 IMG_4199

I really need to learn to love cables because I love the way they come out!  And they are really not difficult to do.  Maybe if I knit more of them I will love them!  LOL

So now that these are done I’ve started another pair of socks.  I just love knitting socks!  LOL  I don’t know what it is about them but I think I will always be working on a sock in between other projects.


As you can see it is very much in the beginning stage.  Not sure how much I will be able to get done in the next few days with the wedding!  We just have a few little details to work on this weekend & then family will begin to arrive next week!  I’m so excited!  This has been a year in planning & I can’t believe it is almost here!  And so much to do for Christmas!  eek!!!

Random Kitty Pic…  LOL

Random Kitty Pic… LOL

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