New Projects…and a New KAL…

This week I have no FOs  but I have started 2 projects… well, really one project.  The other one I had done like 5 rows on & left it to work on Christmas gifts so, yes, we will say 2 projects.  LOL

First, I’ve been seeing several posts about a sock KAL and I’ve been intrigued.  I just LOVE knitting socks!!  So thanks to All Night Knits & Purls just wanna have fun I have joined the Socks with Sarah sock KAL!!!  YAY!!!  It’s so exciting especially because I love socks & this gives me a reason to knit socks all year long!  LOL!  I’ve only done one other KAL and I did it because I truly loved the pattern.  But I usually am very intimidated by KALs because I feel pressure to finish by a certain date & what if I don’t…  LOL  (I know nothing happens if I don’t but still…..)  This KAL is very laid back & easy!  You just have to knit socks.  It can be a few rows every day or a whole day spent knitting socks.  And you choose your own patterns.  So I got inspired & joined!!

My first pair of socks for 2014 & this KAL I’m working on the November Socks pattern by Brigette Zeuner.  I love the pattern, it’s different & easy to do.  I am using Patons Kroy Socks Jacquards in Country Jacquard.  I’m calling them my Sand Dune Socks.  LOL  I love the colors in this yarn!

IMG_4493IMG_4494 Can you see the pattern?

I also started working on a sweater!!!  I have not worked on a sweater in years!!  So, I’m excited & a little scared.  A sweater is a BIG project.  It will probably take me forever to finish, but at least I started it!  A few years ago for Christmas either my mom or my husband bought me a kit from Mary Maxim for a Ragg Jacket.  It has been sitting in my yarn closet since then.  Last week I decided I was going to start it!  And so I did.  This is what I’ve done so far.  The pattern is super easy.  At least so far it is.  I’m only on the back, no increasing or decreasing yet.

IMG_4497 IMG_4498

And this week I also started back at work which means that my knitting time has diminished dramatically  😦  boooo!!!   But I’m very excited with my 2 new projects & I have a 3rd project that I’ve been thinking of starting….Let’s see what happens with that.

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  1. Can I also say YAY! Welcome to the KAL! It’s going to be so much fun – I feel so lucky that such amazing knitters are joining me! Did you sign up in the Ravelry thread? I just have to ask to be sure. 😉

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