1 Sock Done…Or Is It Half a Sock…

The Socks with Sarah KAL starts today!  This is going to be a fun KAL & the best part is I’m going to knit a bunch of socks this year because of it!  YAY!!  The official start date is today however, I started this pair of socks in December, did a few rows & then put it down until the beginning of January when I finally finished with holiday gifts & was able to sit & knit something that I wanted.  🙂  And when I saw this KAL being mentioned by some of the other blogs that I follow, I decided to join in.  I love-love-love to knit socks, so this now gives me an excuse to knit socks every day!

I just finished sock #1 last night.  I’m very happy with the way it came out.  I’m knitting the November Socks and it is a 12 row repeat.  I’m using Patons Kroy socks Jacquard.  I love the yarn & the combination of colors.  I don’t know if it is the yarn or the pattern but the sock seems like a nice thick sock!  Good & sturdy…LOL

The toe of the sock was done differently than I’ve done before.  I was decreasing at the end of each needle, where normally I decrease at the end of one needle & then at the beginning of the next one.  I wasn’t sure how this would look and for a minute I thought I was not understanding the pattern correctly.  I had to go back and look at pictures.  LOL  I was afraid that the decrease in the middle of the toe would be bothersome, but it isn’t.  And the way it ended up looking is pretty.

looking at the top of the finished toe

looking at the top of the finished toe

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence but it looks like a swirl to me.  LOL

Toe from the top

Toe from the front

Oh, I took a picture of all my needles before I pulled the yarn through.  I thought it looked funny!  Like helicopter blades!  It made me laugh because when I first was learning to knit I used to tell my mom that my needles were flying all over the place like helicopter blades.  LOL …  You can read that story here if you would like….

IMG_4500 IMG_4499

The sock fits great & is very comfy!


Love the pattern

Love the pattern

I love the in & out pattern that this sock has.  Now to start sock #2.

I’ve also been slowly working on my sweater.  I’m working on the back & have to knit 20 inches.  I’m at about 12 inches so far.


I know I’m a slow knitter.  🙂  It will take me forever to finish this sweater, but that’s ok.  I don’t have a deadline.   Though, you all may get tired of hearing about my sweater….  LOL, I’ll apologize in advance.  🙂

It’s amazing to me to see how quickly some people can knit!  My mom used to knit super super fast!!  And I follow a few blog friends on Instagram & it is amazing to see how quickly they can knit.  Almost everyday there is a new picture of a FO!!  Maybe one of these days I will get to be that fast!  But for now, I’ll just knit along at my turtle speed.  LOL

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  1. awesome socks I love the yarn you chose. I have never seen a toe that looked like that. i may have to try out the pattern.

    • Thank you! It did come out quite unique! I really don’t know if it was coincidence on where the yarn color ended up or if that is how it is meant to look. Guess I’ll find out when I finish with the second sock. LOL

  2. I love Patons Kroy! I made my husband a pair of socks in Kroy FX, and they’re wearing like iron. He goes through store bought socks like you wouldn’t believe. So far the pair I made him has held up.

    If you’re a slow knitter, then I must knit at glacial speed! It takes me way longer to finish a sock!

    • I really like the yarn. It seems like my socks will last forever! And they will be very warm!
      I am a super slow knitter! I see people finishing socks in a matter of days! Lol. It takes me at least 2 weeks to finish 1 sock. I also don’t have much time to knit either. Wish I had more time!! :-/
      Oh well. What can you do. Lol.

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