Neon Socks

Since my last post  I recieved 2 requests for socks in the beautiful Neon yarn I purchased.  So I decided to start working on the first pair.  I’m using the pattern that I found on Plymouth yarns website that actually is for these socks.  It is their basic sock pattern.  This actually worked out because I was wanting to knit a basic rib sock anyways.  But the thing is, this pattern has the heel done in short rows.  I’ve never done short rows.  I’ve heard them mentioned in blogs & pod casts, even while I was in my LYS.  And I knew I would eventually come across a pattern that calls for short rows.  So, here I am, ready to start the heel & I am sooooo scared!  LOL  well, not really scared, but just worried that I will not do it correctly & have to rip everything out.

I read the pattern over & over and I kept asking myself where is the heel flap!  Am I missing something?  Did they forget to put it into the pattern?  Oh boy!  I’m telling you, last night I just put my little sock down & started working on something else.


However, I was reading some blogs & noticed that Sarah from knitting Sarah had posted a video on how to do the Kitchener’s stitch.  So I asked her if she had one on how to do a short row heel.  She kindly referred me to Craftsy which was a great site (Thank you Sarah!)  And from there I went to which was also really good and it also cleared up one HUGE question that I had about the heel flap.  The pattern I’m working on is wanting me to do a flapless heel!  (why didn’t they just say that!  LOL)  So now I know I’m not going crazy!  

But I’m more of a visual person so I turned to You Tube and found a great video tutorial by Knit Purl Hunter.  She has part 1 and part 2 which were great in putting what I had read in the different blogs to life.  :-).

What I did however, to “practice” on something other than my actual sock was, I took some yarn & cast on 20 stitches & did the wrap & turn part of the short row heels, just to make sure I understood it correctly.

Here are my practice short rows.  I didn’t go back to knit the wraps just yet.  I just really wanted to make sure I understood that whole wrap & turn business.  LOL  🙂  And this was a very rough practice.  I didn’t leave a third of the stitches, I wanted to just practice the technique.


So I’ve done my research, read my articles, watched some videos & practiced with some scrap yarn and tonight I will pick up my little sock & attempt my flapless short row heel!

Wish me luck!!  🙂

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