Sweater Update

I finished the back piece of my Ragg Jacket sweater!!  yay!


Now the question is, this is 100% acrylic yarn.  I have heard that you can’t block acrylic.  And I have heard that you can.  So which is it?  The research that I’ve done says you can block it if you use steam.  I guess I will try to block it with a steamer.  I don’t have one so my experiment will have to wait until I go out and buy one.  LOL  I wonder if I can use my iron, it has a steam setting…. Anyways, I hope I can block it because it seems to me like it needs to be blocked.

Here is question number 2:  Do you block each piece as you finish or do you wait until the whole sweater is completed & finished and then block the whole thing?  I again have heard both on this.  To me it seems like it would be easier to put the pieces together if each one has been blocked.

For now I will just continue working on the left front since I don’t have a steamer just yet.


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  1. Acrylic can be “blocked” with steam, but the “blocking” will be permanent. The correct term for it would be “killing.” The fabric will take on a floppy, almost silky quality. Obviously, you can’t unkill acrylic, so you need to decide whether this are qualities you want in your FO. As for using your iron, you can blast your piece with steam, but be careful not to touch the acrylic with the iron, as it’ll melt.

    If I’m doing a sweater in pieces, I block all the pieces before sewing it together. You’re right, it’s much easier to seam everything if the pieces have been blocked.

  2. I always do a good hand washing and lay it out to dry for acrylic. If it’s still wonky I will iron it with a cotton cloth over it so it doesn’t mess up the yarn.
    Hope you find something that works for you .

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