My Sock Knitting Tools

For Christmas I received some very useful presents.  I totally love them and wanted to share them with you.

First up is my pattern protector and pattern magnet.  I love this!  I use it all the time!  When I’m sitting at the couch knitting I can prop it up because it has a strap that you can snap to the outer part of the pattern case  so that it stands up on it’s own.  And you can even write on the anti-glare vinyl  using a wet-erase marker.  This way you can write little notes & not ruin your pattern.  When you are done, you just wipe it away!.  This is just awesome for me!  And the pattern magnet I love because it is just so easy to stop knitting and know exactly where I left off.

DSC04485 DSC04486 DSC04487

The next item that I totally love is my needle nook!  I don’t know if you remember what happened to me a few months back, (Tragedy on the High Seas).  I was working on a pair of socks & went to pull the project out of my bag & ended up pulling out the needle from the work!  It was horrible!   Well this needle nook will help stop that from happening!  When I’m going to put my work away I simply put my DPN into the little nook & snap it closed, it works with circular needles too!  Now when I reach into my bag to pull out my sock I know I won’t accidentally be grabbing needles!  YAY!!

IMG_4512 IMG_4513 IMG_4638

And the last thing that I received that I totally love is my sock project bag!  It is just big enough to hold everything I need to knit socks, but small enough to carry around easily!

IMG_4510 IMG_4514 IMG_4515 DSC04483

All of these items were purchased from Slipped Stitch Studios.  I love everything they have!  I’m in no way associated with them.  I just wanted to share with everyone the items I bought from them because I’m really happy with all of it!  I use it all the time!  I’m sure I’ll be going back to get some of their larger project bags!

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  1. Love! That pattern protector looks sup
    er handy and I’ve definitely pulled out a needle (or two) when grabbing for a project. Merry Christmas to you!

    • Lol. Thank you! I love all of these things. But I have to say my favorite is the project bag & only because I’m a bagaholic. Lol. But the needle nook gives me such peace of mind. :-).

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