Sweater Update #2

I am almost done with the left front!  YAY!  I only have a couple more inches left on the collar & then I will start the right front.

I do have to say that it is a bit difficult to knit a sweater in pieces like this!  The last sweater I made (which was a few years ago) was done all in one piece and then you sewed up the seams.  That to me seems easier than doing it in pieces.  I’m having trouble making sure that each piece measures the same!  The back is done so I need to make sure that the left & right front pieces line up with the back & that is just super annoying to me!  LOL  I measured the back piece and measured the front piece and I kept getting different measurements.  So, I have a question.  When making a sweater like this should I measure the pieces while they are laying flat on the table or floor or while I’m holding it up?   I’m not sure which is the right way.

I measured it laying flat.  This way I can play with the pieces but I have to be careful not to stretch them out.  I think they match, at least I hope so!  The sleeve opening may be a tiny bit off but I think it will be ok.


I had to lay them flat because I wanted to get a visual on how it would come together.


When this is done it may take me a while to sew up the seams.  I really don’t enjoy doing that!  LOL

On another note, this morning a friend of mine sent me an email and the article is from the Penguin Foundation asking knitters to make pullovers for penguins in rehab!  You can see the article here.  There is a pattern included.  I thought I would share it here in case anyone would like to participate.  If only I had more hours in the day to knit!

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  1. I always lay flat to measure. They look like they match to me.
    It’s looking great!!
    I am knitting for penguins haha. I saw it earlier and decided to send a couple. I will be the critter knitter lol.

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