Last week after I finished my Neon Socks I wasn’t sure what to work on next.  I still have my sweater that I’m working on but I needed something else.  So I stood in front of my stash closet & looked around at everything.  My eyes fell on a bag of pink & grey sock yarn.  I love this combo so I grabbed the bag & took the contents out.  Well, there were 4 skeins of Patons Stretch Socks yarn along with a pattern to make pedicure socks.


I sat back & remembered the exact day I got this, but I want to give you a little background first.

My mom taught me to knit a few years ago.  You can read about that here.  But since then every once in a while we would both work on the same project, kind of like our own little KAL.  We made socks & sweaters & afghans…   So when my mom would come across something that she thought would be good for both of us to work on she would buy everything needed.  This was one of those things.  She came over to my house with the pattern & the yarn for both of us to make this project.  Well, one thing led to another and we never actually made it.  So, this was it!  I was going to make these socks!

I also found another bag with another project that she had wanted us both to do, Slip Into Winter Scarf.  So I decided I would work on that as well.  I remember her telling me this would be a good introduction on how to work with more than one color.  

I miss my mom tremendously!  Every time I pick up my knitting I think of her & I’m so thankful for all the times we shared together knitting, looking at projects & yarn.  Whew!  that was emotional!  sorry!  LOL  

I’m almost done with the pedicure socks, though I think these would be more of a flip flop sock or even a yoga sock.

DSC04512 DSC04515

DSC04518 DSC04516

I added a crochet chain to go between the big toe.  When I had them on I just felt like it needed something to secure it in place, otherwise I felt the sock would move around too much.

DSC04522 DSC04519

I haven’t worked much on my scarf but so far I like it.  Though with 3 skeins going at the same time it gets a little confusing.  And I have to keep the strands from getting tangled.  LOL  But so far I love the way it is coming out & even though we are entering spring, it will make a nice gift for next winter!  🙂


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  1. Those socks are gorgeous! Love the colors. Good idea with the chain to hold them in place.
    That scarf is looking great. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Those colors go so well together.

  2. I can relate to your lovely story about your Mum, and every time I pick up my needles or sewing I remember. My Gran taught me allot too when my Mum was busy. I like your neat idea with the chain stitch and love the yarn.

  3. good thing you have cute toes!! lol I want those socks!!!!! Those would be perfect for my pedicures because my feet are always cold and when I paint my toenails I can’t put my socks on so I am forced to freeze!! LOL and I hope that scarf is mine because its FAB! 🙂

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