Babies are coming!!!

I have a couple of family members that are prego!!! How awesome is that!
This means I’ll be making a few baby items this year!!

A couple of weeks ago my cousin mentioned to me that my mom had made a baby blanket for her daughter & asked if I would mind making the same blanket for her twins. I was so touched! My eyes filled with tears. I know it’s silly. But I felt so honored! Like I am carrying on my mom’s tradition!
So of course I said yes!!! I knew exactly which blanket my mom had made too.

Last week she text me that she found out she was having a boy & a girl!! How awesome is that!! So this past weekend off I went to my LYS. I found the perfect yarn, Encore Dynamo by Plymouth Yarn.


It is super soft! Perfect for a blanket! Oh and I also bought another set of Knitter’s Pride Cubic circular needles. I love these needles!!! If you haven’t tried them I strongly suggest you run out and buy a pair!! Lol!!

The pattern for the blanket is from Lion Brand, Garter Stitch Baby Throw. It is a simple easy blanket to make. I’m looking forward to making it.


I also finished my neon ankle socks! I love, love, love these. I’m definitely going to make more!!



🙂 these came out much better than the previous neon socks I made. Ugh, that pattern was awful!! I didn’t use a set pattern for these. I just cast on 52 stitches & did a K2, P2 ribbed sock. The ankle cuff is about an inch.
Love them! They are quick & easy!

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