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Baby Booties and Hat

These baby booties were super quick to knit!  And they are just too cute!  I love the little tassel!


The pattern is called Seamless Garter Tassel Booties by Karen Strauss.  I used Plymouth yarn Encore Dynamo.  I absolutely love this yarn!  It is super soft!

The pattern starts off using Judy’s Magic Cast-On.  I’ve never done it before and from what I understand it is much easier if you do it on circulars, but of course I was using DPN so it was a bit awkward!  LOL  I had never done this cast on so I went to you tube & found this great tutorial.  The first couple of rows were super awkward!  I had no clue if I was doing it right but I kept at it.  🙂  The instructions for this pattern are super easy to follow and you can finish the pair in half a day!  (and I’m a slow knitter!)

IMG_5099 IMG_5101

Aren’t they just adorable!!


They were super fun & quick!  And a great easy pattern!

Next was a cute little baby hat.



The pattern I used was Sea Monkey Baby Hat by Kelly McClure.  Great pattern, easy to follow and super cute with the little ears!


Is it not the cutest thing ever!

IMG_5110 IMG_5114

Super cute little set!  I’m very happy with the way they both came out!

Ordering Away

I’ve ordered a couple of things on Etsy recently.  I love Etsy!  One of these days I hope to be able to open my own Etsy store.  But in the meantime I find myself browsing Etsy looking for cute & different things.

A couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to order some tags for my knitting projects that I give as gifts.  I found a shop called Mountain Street Arts.

IMG_5062 IMG_5066

I’ve had it as a favorite for a while & I finally decided to order something.  I chose the small label & tag combo.  I felt this would be perfect.  I could use the tags for things like blankets, scarves, shawls…. and the labels for sweaters & well, who knows…. LOL  I’m glad I went with this combo because it gives me the choice on whether I want to lightly sew on a label or just attach a tag.  And speaking of sewing on a label, my thought is to not sew it on so it’s permenant but so it can be easily taken off if the recipient wants. Continue reading

A Birthday Craft Party!!

My daughter recently celebrated her birthday and wanted to do something crafty. She decided on having a get together with the girls and making dream catchers!!   We had such a good time!

We had a table set up for the food & drinks & another table set up for crafting.

IMG_5027 IMG_5028

All the supplies were laid out, we had metal rings in 2 different sizes (5 inch & 3 inch), next was the Suede Lace.  We had black & brown to choose from.  We also had different colored string, beads & feathers along with crimps for attaching the feathers.  Before everyone arrived we measured out the amount of Suede Lace that was needed for the small & larger rings so it would be easier for everyone to measure & choose the color they wanted.

So here are the quick & simple instructions on how to make a dreamcatcher:  (please excuse the blurry photos, they were taken with my phone as I was going along)

1. Wrap the Suede Lace tightly around the metal ring. (we tied a knot at the beginning & then used dot glue to secure it in place.  The dot glue can be removed when you are done)

Continue reading