Ordering Away

I’ve ordered a couple of things on Etsy recently.  I love Etsy!  One of these days I hope to be able to open my own Etsy store.  But in the meantime I find myself browsing Etsy looking for cute & different things.

A couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to order some tags for my knitting projects that I give as gifts.  I found a shop called Mountain Street Arts.

IMG_5062 IMG_5066

I’ve had it as a favorite for a while & I finally decided to order something.  I chose the small label & tag combo.  I felt this would be perfect.  I could use the tags for things like blankets, scarves, shawls…. and the labels for sweaters & well, who knows…. LOL  I’m glad I went with this combo because it gives me the choice on whether I want to lightly sew on a label or just attach a tag.  And speaking of sewing on a label, my thought is to not sew it on so it’s permenant but so it can be easily taken off if the recipient wants.


The hardest part was choosing which picture to include & what to write.  I went back & forth so many times.  I finally decided on what I ordered, thinking I can always order more with another picture & different wording.

IMG_5064 IMG_5065


The other thing I ordered is self striping sock yarn by Lollipop Yarn .  I have been eyeing this yarn for a while now!  I follow her on instagram & she puts a sneak peak picture of her new updates.  The color combinations are amazing!  I have tried the last few times to order something but I’m always a little late.  This yarn sells so fast!  But I was finally able to get a skein!  I was so excited!  OMG I literally felt like I had won the lottery!  LOL


I bought the most perfect color combination!  It is called Sentimental Journey.  It has pink & green (my favorites!) along with a silver and a tan color!  It is amazing!  And it was delivered in less than 5 days from the day I ordered it!  The yarn is super soft!  A combination of 75% super wash wool & 25% nylon sock yarn.  I’m so in love with this yarn!  LOL  I have to find the perfect pattern for it!  And this pair of socks is going to be for me!! 🙂

IMG_5061 IMG_5060







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  1. It’s good to hear someone else is a lover of shopping on Etsy, I am terrible once I start. I like to buy the cross stitch and embroidery patterns, you always find something different. 🙂

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