New Etsy Purchases….

I’ve been doing more shopping on Etsy!!!  I just can’t help myself!  I love hand made crafts & I love supporting those that are selling them!

First new purchase is another ball of self-striping sock yarn from Lollipop Yarn.


I am so in love with anything & everything that she makes!  I just can’t believe how quickly the yarn sells though!  She does updates on her shop every few weeks and everything she puts on there sells out within a minute!  I kid you not!  hmmmmmm  Maybe I should keep this shop a secret though….  LOL

I was quick enough this time around & was able to purchase a ball of yarn called Kitten!  I love the colors!!!  I’m still deciding on a pattern to for it though.



Next I decided to purchase some new stitch markers.  I bought these from YarnMugger.   The sunflower markers I just fell in love with.  I thought they were so cute & they are just happy!  LOL


I also bought a butterfly clasp charm.  The shop owner let me customize it by choosing the bead that I wanted.  She gave me a few different options & I picked the one with the clear crystal.  I love the way it came out.


Next I saw the dragonfly markers.  I just can’t resist butterflies or dragonflies LOL.  And I liked these because I can use it on those projects that I’m knitting in the round & need to mark off the beginning but also mark off a few areas in the middle.



I totally love all of them!


And last but not least there is a new shop that has opened up!  Purlswannahavefun.  The shop owner is our fellow blogger Purls just wanna have fun.  The shop has custom orders that are just super duper cute!!!  And these super adorable dragonfly stitch markers!!!  I just couldn’t resist!

IMG_5325 IMG_5326

And these fit needles up to size 13 which is great!  I was working on my sweater when they arrived so I of course immediately started using them!  I love them!!!



That’s it for now,  I’m sure I’ll keep browsing Etsy for more cute finds!  🙂


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