Yarn, yarn & more yarn…

I recently went a little crazy and purchased a bunch of yummy, deliciously fabulous yarn and wanted to share them all with you!  LOL

First up is a yarn that I have been eyeing for months & finally decided to purchase.  It is the Watermelon Sock yarn by Artistic Yarn by Abi on Etsy.


There is about a 30 day wait for the yarn & you have to be placed on a list.  But it is well worth the wait!  The colors are amazing & the yarn is so soft!  I can’t wait to make my watermelon socks!

Next, I received a requested for an infinity scarf and we decided on the Honey Cowl pattern by Antonia Shankland.   So I went to Knit Picks and we picked City Tweed DK in Plum Wine.


The color is amazing!  And the yarn is super super soft!  I can’t wait to start working on it.  Oh, and I got that cute little project bag free!  YAY!!

Along with the City Tweed yarn I decided to buy a couple different colors of the Dishie yarn.  I’ve never tried it and since I was already ordering something, why not throw a few more balls of yarn into the cart right!!??


The colors are Creme Brulee, Aster, Fiesta Red & Jalapeño.  There were so many colors it was so hard to just pick a few!  LOL

Last year for Christmas I made several dishcloths & put them into little baskets, you can see them here, and I have received a few requests for more!  So I will soon be making a more dishcloths with these!  🙂

And then While I has browsing around on the website I came across Bare Stroll sock yarn.  This is yarn that you can dye and I got this crazy idea in my head to try out dying sock yarn!  LOL


I’ve been doing some research on how to dye yarn & it looks like fun, though maybe a little messy LOL  But I definitely want to give it a try!

And last but not least, I have a few more balls of Lollipop Yarn!!!  I am so addicted to this yarn!!!

This is called Pillow Talk:


This one is called Prissy:



I absolutely love these 2 colors!

And my most recent purchase is called Sugar Bear



And that is it for now! 🙂  This should keep me pretty busy!

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