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A Birthday Craft Party!!

My daughter recently celebrated her birthday and wanted to do something crafty. She decided on having a get together with the girls and making dream catchers!!   We had such a good time!

We had a table set up for the food & drinks & another table set up for crafting.

IMG_5027 IMG_5028

All the supplies were laid out, we had metal rings in 2 different sizes (5 inch & 3 inch), next was the Suede Lace.  We had black & brown to choose from.  We also had different colored string, beads & feathers along with crimps for attaching the feathers.  Before everyone arrived we measured out the amount of Suede Lace that was needed for the small & larger rings so it would be easier for everyone to measure & choose the color they wanted.

So here are the quick & simple instructions on how to make a dreamcatcher:  (please excuse the blurry photos, they were taken with my phone as I was going along)

1. Wrap the Suede Lace tightly around the metal ring. (we tied a knot at the beginning & then used dot glue to secure it in place.  The dot glue can be removed when you are done)

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