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A Little Bump In the Road…

Last week was a bit of a blur for me.  I had surgery last Monday and was in the hospital for a couple of days.  Thankfully, I was home for Thanksgiving and my wonderful family brought everything over so we could spend the day together!  I’m finally starting to feel a little better so I’ve picked up my knitting and am trying to catch up.

Yesterday I finished my Turtle Socks!!  Yay!!!  As I mentioned in my last post the pattern was very vague so I took notes & now that I have the pattern in a format that I can follow I love it!  Yay!  The actual pattern is called Knitted ankle socks with lace by Drops design.  And my notes are here.  This sock was actually a lot of fun to knit once I got the pattern straight.  It’s a simple 8 row repeat and since it is an ankle sock it knits up super quick!

There were a few things with the pattern that I had never done before.  The way they turned the heel was a bit strange.  Usually when I make socks I decrease a lot more than what this pattern called for.  But the end result worked out just fine!  Also, I never really understood the toe decrease section of the pattern so I did it the way I know how.  Normally I use the Kitchener stitch to bind off but this pattern had me pull the yarn through the stitches.  I was a little leery of doing it like this but I did and the end result was just fine.  I think a little more pointy than usual but when I tried on the sock you couldn’t tell.  And without further ado here is the sock!

IMG_4151 IMG_4149

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2 week catch up….

Wow I can’t believe that I missed a post last week.  eek!  I’ve had a few crazy weeks with a lot of things going on!

But I have finished my Comfy Socks II.  They are a little bigger (go figure) than I would have wanted but they do fit!  The pattern was just the basic sock pattern.  The yarn is Aslan Trends Royal Alpaca in the spice color way.  I think this is one of my favorite yarns!  It is so soft and warm!

The leg of the sock is 6″ & I did 15 rows for the heel flap and the foot is 9 1/2″ before the decrease for the toe.  I finished it up with the kitcheners stitch.

IMG_0198 IMG_0197

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And We Have a FO and a Half FO…

We have a finished scarf!  The scarf is about 66 inches long.  I wasn’t really sure how long it should be.  I didn’t want it to be too long & I didn’t want it to be too short.  So I kinda decided 66 inches would be a good length.

Just to recap, this is the Dapperly Dashing Scarf & Hat pattern  by Stormy Tetreault.  I loved the pattern it was simple & fun & the pattern looks great!  It’s not a simple rib or exciting cables, but the pattern keeps the hat & the scarf interesting.

I do have to say when I started knitting the scarf I was stumped by the “wool forward” stitch.  I searched You Tube & found a couple of instruction videos, I watched them, watched them again….and I said to myself, hmmmmm  that looks a lot like a yarn over.  But I still wasn’t sure that I was understanding the stitch correctly.  So I googled again & read a few posts about the difference between wool forward & yarn over, which to me seemed very similar.  I decided that I would just go ahead start the pattern & see what happens.  So, when I got to the last 3 stitches I moved the yarn to the front & slipped the last 3 stitches.  It made a very nice edge.  I really liked the way it came out.


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I Finished My Hat!!

Last week I started working on the Dapperly Dashing Hat.  I was watching TV & knitting along.  Knit, knit, knit….When I looked down I somehow had doubled the stitches on my needle.  :-/

I think what happened is instead of doing the purl 2 together, I did the KFB.  That’s what I get when I knit and watch TV, giving most of my focus to the TV and not the knitting.  I was almost done with it too!  I took it all apart and started over.  I made sure to pay attention to which row I was on when I was watching TV.  LOL  And it is done!  YAY!  I love the way it came out!  I wasn’t sure if I was going to do the scarf also but I think I am.  It will be a very cute little set.

IMG_3778 IMG_3779

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I Just Don’t Get How to Gauge…

Since I finished a few of my WIP’s I was excited to spend this past weekend working on some new projects….but that didn’t happen.  Instead I spent most of the day on Sunday kitting up swatches…. grrrrr…..

I had decided I was going to make a really pretty hat that I saw on a blog (and I apologize, I don’t remember which one it was)  But I had saved the project into my queue.  It’s the Hermione Hearts Ron hat by Christy Aylesworth.  I printed the pattern, read it over & was checking for yarn ideas.  It said that I had 2 yarns in my stash, Yay!  (I have made a promise to myself that I would not buy any new yarn until I used up some of the yarn in my stash because my stash is just way to big!  It is overflowing!)  So I was very happy that I had yarn that I could use for this project.  The yarn was Simply Soft by Caron and I have it in 6 different colors!  This yarn has been used 29 times for the project which is the 4th most used yarn.  I figured that was a good sign.   The pattern calls for size 2 & 3 16″ circular needles.  I thought I had them, but nope I have the 24″ circulars.  A quick call to my LYS and off I go to buy the needles.  It was so hard not to browse at all the pretty yarn!  But I did it!  Oh and I’m very excited about the needles I purchased.  They are from Hiya Hiya.  I’ve heard such good things about them in some of my podcasts and I’m very excited to use them.

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Tragedy on the High Seas

I’ve been gone for a few days, taking a well deserved break from reality!  We went to Cocoa Beach and then on a short cruise to the Bahamas.  It was such a relaxing get away!  I brought along my spooky socks to work on if I had some downtime.  I had put them in a small canvas bag and also put my Nook, the boarding passes & passports.  No problem!  I knitted a little almost every night except the last night on the ship.  That night we were re-packing and getting everything ready for the next morning and of course as it happens on every vacation you leave with more than you originally had.  So I placed a few more things into my little canvas bag…no problem!  We got off the ship fairly early & headed home.  Halfway home I decided to take out my knitting and do a few rows.  Well, apparently at some point a needle or two slipped out of my work!!



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Making a Paper Rosette….

My daughter had mentioned that I should buy the “Martha Stewart Scoreboard”, so off I went to my local Michaels and bought it. When I got home I sat at my craft table and looked at my new purchase. Ok, well….. What am I going to do with this? I grabbed my iPad and started googling scoreboard projects. Ooooohhhhh, this could be fun and interesting!

So I started playing. I took a piece of white card stock and made a cute little box. Wow that was easy and fun!

Next I decided to make a rosette.

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