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An Afghan Full of Meaning….

It’s finished!  It’s finally finished!  Yay!  I’m so excited to have finished my second afghan!  And this one has so much meaning to me!  I call this my “Leftover Yarn Afghan”  Its the second one I make.  Basically what I did was take a bunch of leftover skeins of yarn & put them into a large bag & start knitting.  When I run out of a skein I just reach into the bag and grab another skein.  There is no rhyme or reason to the colors, it is just whatever color comes out next.  It kinda makes it fun because you never know what color you are going to get next.

IMG_4023 IMG_4025

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Working on More Than One Project….

I know there are several knitters or crocheters out there that have several projects going at one time.  My mom used to do it and at any given point she could be working on a scarf, a sweater and a pair of socks.  I have such a hard time starting something else when I’m not finished with my original project.  I tried it once and I just couldn’t do it.  I kept thinking about the original project that I had started and how it was just sitting there waiting to be finished.  I almost felt guilty for putting down my original project and picking up something new.  I couldn’t enjoy the new venture I had started.   Continue reading