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One Lovely Blog Award

I am honored and shocked to have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award!  I am really beyond words at having received this!

I want to thank Alexis Krystina for the award!  You have a great blog & I enjoy reading it.  You actually inspired me to create mine.  Your blog was the first one that I followed so I really appreciate you nominating me for this award!


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Why I Love My Spin Class….

About 2 ½ years ago I tried my first spinning class.  I hated it!  OMG it was so hard!  When the instructor said up, I could only do it for a very short time.  I looked around and everyone else was up & spinning.  The person next to me tried to give me tips but there was no way, I had to sit back down on the saddle.  I kept trying throughout the class but I just couldn’t handle it.  I did most of the class on the saddle but I kept peddling.  When the instructor said to increase the resistance, I did but after my few seconds of standing I would return back to the saddle.

After class the instructor came over to give me words of encouragement.  She said I did great.  I kept on peddling and didn’t just give up.  And that it takes a good 2 months to build up the endurance & the strength to do the whole class.  That made me feel a lot better!  Continue reading