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Levee Ride!

We did our first levee ride in a long time!  It was great!  We got out there before the day started to heat up beyond bearable and before the rains came in.

It’s much different riding on the levee than riding on the road.  First, you are riding on gravel which is just a little more difficult and second on the levee you are the only thing up there.  There are no trees or buildings to block the wind.

On our first 8 miles we had the wind at our backs.  We had a good pace going, though the more experienced cyclists were passing us!  LOL  I felt like I could go on forever!  But you have to remember that you do have to turn around & ride the same amount of miles back…So when we reached a certain point we decided to turn around.  The ride back was a little harder since we were riding into the wind.  The legs were burning!!  But it was a great ride!

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Saturday Morning Bike Ride…

It has been a while since we have gone out for a nice ride.  Summers here are just way to hot & humid!  But since we are approaching the “end” of summer (not really down here though)  we decided to pick up again on our Saturday morning bike rides.  We have a great park not too far away and that’s where we go.  I don’t like riding on the street, the drivers here are just a little too crazy for me!  We hear way to many stories about cyclists getting hit by cars.  So we go to our park & do our riding there.  They also have awesome mountain bike trails, from beginners to expert.  I started out mountain biking but I had a few bad falls & since about 15 years ago I fractured a vertebrae  in my back and now have metal rods & screws there I decided I would just do my riding for miles.  I don’t want to risk getting hurt again!  That back surgery took me over a year to recover.  So when I go with my husband riding we ride around the park.  The park is pretty large, one loop is about 4 miles.  It is next to the Everglades and there is also a levee that you can ride.  We’ve done that a few times as well.  It goes on for miles & miles.  When we do the levee we usually do about 10 miles each way (depending on how windy it is).  And it is so beautiful!  I thought I had a better picture of one of our Levee rides but this is what I could find right now. Continue reading