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Yarn, yarn & more yarn…

I recently went a little crazy and purchased a bunch of yummy, deliciously fabulous yarn and wanted to share them all with you!  LOL

First up is a yarn that I have been eyeing for months & finally decided to purchase.  It is the Watermelon Sock yarn by Artistic Yarn by Abi on Etsy.


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Kitten Socks

I have finished my second pair of socks made with the awesome Lollipop Yarn!  I totally love this yarn!   I have such a hard time deciding what pattern to use with this yarn because the it is so perfect that I feel the pattern has to be just as perfect!  LOL


The color way for this pair of socks is called Kitten.  I decided to use a pattern called Bryony Socks by Sara Elizabeth Schmidt.  I loved the pattern.  It is a 4 row repeat that is super simple to memorize.  The pattern just gave it that little extra flair with the lace but it doesn’t take away from the beautiful striping of this yarn.  I love the way it turned out! Continue reading

Lollipop Yarn Socks…..

I am totally addicted to Lollipop Yarn!  I am so glad that I was finally lucky enough to purchase a ball of this yarn!!  This color way is called Sentimental Journey.   It has my favorite colors, pink and green!!  And the yarn is so soft!  I just love it!  It is definitely one of my all time favorite yarns now!  I just hope I can continue to be lucky enough to get a ball here & there.  🙂

I had a hard time deciding what pattern to use.  I didn’t want it to be too complicated so that the beautiful striping of the yarn would be over powered by the pattern but I wanted something more than the average rib or stockinette stitch socks.

I finally decided on Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienee Ku.

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Ordering Away

I’ve ordered a couple of things on Etsy recently.  I love Etsy!  One of these days I hope to be able to open my own Etsy store.  But in the meantime I find myself browsing Etsy looking for cute & different things.

A couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to order some tags for my knitting projects that I give as gifts.  I found a shop called Mountain Street Arts.

IMG_5062 IMG_5066

I’ve had it as a favorite for a while & I finally decided to order something.  I chose the small label & tag combo.  I felt this would be perfect.  I could use the tags for things like blankets, scarves, shawls…. and the labels for sweaters & well, who knows…. LOL  I’m glad I went with this combo because it gives me the choice on whether I want to lightly sew on a label or just attach a tag.  And speaking of sewing on a label, my thought is to not sew it on so it’s permenant but so it can be easily taken off if the recipient wants. Continue reading

Starting on My First KAL…

This weekend as I was out running errands with the hubby, we were close to the LYS so I suggested we stop in for a minute….  He said ok, sat on the comfy sofa while I took out the pattern to my very first KAL and looked for some yarn.   I decided on a yarn called VIP Lana Gatto Tollegno.  It’s in a nice brown color, wool/cashmere blend.  It is very soft.  I’m an earth tone person so I instantly fell in love with the color.


Conveniently enough there is a bike store next to the yarn store so of course we stopped in.  I bought a new helmet that matches my bike’s color scheme and we browsed the different bikes & things they had.  This little shopping center may become our favorite hang out! Continue reading

A Quick Trip to the Local Yarn Store…. Always So Much Fun!!

Monday after I finally got all the laundry done from our vacation I decided to run out to my local yarn store and just browse…who am I kidding!  I actually wanted to get some yarn to make a second attempt at my hubby’s socks.  While I was there I spoke to someone and told her what had happened with my first attempt at my hubby’s socks (you can read about it here) and I asked if I could use the same yarn & needle and just use the directions for the socks using the fingering yarn.  She agreed that would be a good idea so off I went to browse the yarn.  I really could spend hours there!  I decided I liked the yarn I choose last time so I picked a different color, Royal Alpaca in Spice.


The color looks really orange here but it’s actually a very nice rust color.  I love it!

I then asked about something to put into the water when I soak my finished items before I block them.  ( I have never done this before  but I read a blog and they used a very mild detergent in the water to block their socks.)  The person in the store told me she uses a little of Dawn when she soaks her items.  She has never bought anything specially made for that, but they do have some in the shop.  There was someone else in the store also who said they never bought anything special for their soaking either.  But I had read about it in a blog and I wanted to try it so I bought a small bottle, and it’s lavender scented so I figured why not.


I’ve never blocked anything before (except my comfy socks)….no, wait, I made a simple cabled scarf once that kept curling on me & my mom said to steam block it.  I did and it worked.  I actually just remembered that!

I’m still learning about blocking & so far since I’ve only knitted socks that’s all I’ve blocked.  I’m sure once I decide to knit a sweater or something bigger I’ll have to do more research on how to block those.  I’m guessing there are different ways to block the different items you knit.  Anyways….. I kinda went off on another topic.  🙂

I’m always very excited when I leave the yarn store!  I looked up the classes they are offering and I’m going to try to make it to one on how to fix mistakes since this is a huge weakness for me!  And I’m excited to start on my hubby’s comfy socks part 2.  🙂

Do you use anything special in the water when you soak your FOs?

Another sock :-)

I started working on my “spooky” socks.   I wanted to do something other than the ribbed sock but I didn’t want to do anything super complex.  I was going to try the Jaywalker pattern but it intimidated me a little.  I think I will save that pattern for my next project.

I ended up doing a pattern by Virginia Rose-Jeanes called Vanilla Latte.  I picked this pattern because it was easy to remember and it showcases the stripes of the yarn instead of overpowering them with pattern.  This is the yarn that I bought from Knit Picks (Felici self striping). I’m about an inch and a half from finishing the cuff.  Someone is going to love these!  🙂

Spooky Socks

Spooky Socks

Good News and Not So Good News — Comfy Socks…

My comfy socks are finished!!!  I just need to block them now.  I’ve never blocked socks before so I hope I do it right!  Good news is they came out great!  I loved the yarn & the pattern was quick and simple!  The not so good news is they don’t really fit my hubby.  hmmmm, he has a large wide foot and even though I measured the length, the width of the sock is too tight for him.  So….  Guess someone else will get a nice pair of comfy socks!  And I will be going back to the yarn store to get more yarn to make a new pair for him.  First, I have to find a pattern that is a little wider.  Guess I’ll head over to Ravelry to search, or if anyone has one or can let me know of one I would greatly appreciate it!   I was also thinking since the pattern I used has instructions for 4 different types of yarn from fingering to worsted that maybe I could use the instructions for the sport or DK weight and use the worsted yarn…..  I don’t know if that makes sense but I’m thinking it would be a wider sock. since there are a few more stitches.  But here they are pre-blocked.

Comfy socks

Comfy socks

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It’s a Whole New World!

I’ve had my blog for almost a month & I have to say it has really opened my eyes to a wonderful knitting/crochet community!  You see, I am the only person that I know of that knits in my little circle of family and friends.  When I need (or want) yarn I went to Michaels or ordered from Mary Maxim or Knit Picks.  When I wanted to knit something I looked for patterns on the Lion Brand website or looked through the various catalogues or magazines I had.  But with this blog, I have discovered what seems like a whole new world!  I’ve been able to connect with other people that knit/crochet & have read about the projects that they are working on.  I had no clue there were so many people that knit!  I love it!  It is so exciting for me to go through and read the different blogs!  I never knew about spinning your own yarn!  It sounds fantastic!  One of these days I am going to try it!  And also dying your own yarn!  I’m also going to try that!  And one of the biggest things that I have discovered is this wonderful website called Ravelery!!!  I am AMAZED at everything that is on here!  OMG, I can spend hours & hours just browsing through the different patterns! Continue reading

Working on More Than One Project….

I know there are several knitters or crocheters out there that have several projects going at one time.  My mom used to do it and at any given point she could be working on a scarf, a sweater and a pair of socks.  I have such a hard time starting something else when I’m not finished with my original project.  I tried it once and I just couldn’t do it.  I kept thinking about the original project that I had started and how it was just sitting there waiting to be finished.  I almost felt guilty for putting down my original project and picking up something new.  I couldn’t enjoy the new venture I had started.   Continue reading